Tuesday, August 1, 2006


i have a confession to make. although it's not really a confession because anyone who knows me really already knows this but nevertheless i'm addicted to the Food Network. channel 67, that's it. all day long. it stays on pretty much any time the Today Show isn't on, but the TV is.

anyway, i was just folding laundry and watching a re-run episode of Boy Meets Grill and i got to thinking about how it's too hot to cook. i mean goodness golly it's almost a hundred degrees here today! lucky for me my
lovely sister cleaned up my kitchen last night. wasn't that sweet of her?! i have leftover hamburger helper (yes, i said hamburger helper) for lunch and i won't have to touch the stove all afternoon (that is until i take a meal to friends who just had a baby this evening). now, back to Food Network...

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